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News Q3 2013

Mobile Booking Engine’s For Everyone!

HTI prides itself on being a hospitality company that has delved into the world of technology to provide world class products for our customers.
However, lately we find ourselves delving more and more into the wonders of what technology can offer instead of remaining simple and playing it safe… We are trying to find ways to deliver tangible business benefits to our customers as opposed to…

New Faces and Farewells at HTI

HTI said HELLO to a new Chief Executive Officer, Ray Deftereos in April. We welcomed Ray at a time when James Montgomery (HTI’s founder and Chairman) was looking to take HTI to the next level in the Global technology landscape. Ray joined us from Gijima, and has subsequently made huge strides in the right direction…

Ray has met ‘most’ of our Customers, but believe me he has been incredibly…

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