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eRes in Espanol!

eRes in Espanol!

eRes is not only in English any more, subsequent to completing the Spanish translation process for the European region. HTI has translated the product into Spanish to accommodate a very large Group client in Spain (200 Properties).  The product has been well accepted in the region and due to our flexibility as an organisation, we will hopefully encourage the usage of our World Class products extensively in Europe.

South Africa’s technical proficiency is well known and is globally appreciated, and once again we want to prove that our CRS, channel management and revenue management architecture is of the highest quality and will perform well abroad. We love South African success stories – don’t you?

We are also planning on continuing the translation and have committed to additional languages, namely German, Italian, French and Portuguese.  This is mainly due to the ancillary South American market potential that we have with our Spanish distribution partner.  They emphasize the need for localisation of our enterprise solutions and this could also be utilise more effectively in other regions, such as Mozambique where we already have a few big clients.

We will roll these out as they are complete and the potential for more languages has been made more streamlined as we have merely written a translation tool to make the process simpler in future.

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