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HTI Goes Nova in 2014!

HTI Goes Nova in 2014!

South Africa’s hospitality industry, forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to grow to a whopping R23.5 billion by 2017, will be well-positioned to manage rising occupancy rates as a result of the release of NOVA, a new cloud-based property management system from Hospitality Technology International (HTI).

According to HTI marketing executive Rory Montgomery, NOVA is the result of three years of development and successful trialling by the company, the country’s leading hospitality software developer.

He explains: “The scalability of HTI’s cloud platform, on the back of ever-improving bandwidth in South Africa, has made a hosted PMS a reality. In keeping with international trends, we’ve combined world-class, Internet-based flexibility and accessibility with local area network (LAN) functionality to create a system to manage the full range of guest establishment operations.”

Suitable for establishments of all sizes, from small boutique hotels and B&B’s to giant hotel groups with multiple properties, Montgomery says NOVA is the ideal solution for managing reservations, reception, guest accounting, housekeeping, auditing, maintenance and debtors.

Using ground-breaking technology, the system, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, has been cleverly designed around a multiple tab format. This allows users to perform varied and numerous activities at the same time without having to jump from one programme to another. “We have moved away from the traditional ‘one page at a time’ technology to a multiple tab format, so if you’re in the middle of a booking, you can instantly switch to something else and then click straight back to where you left off,” Montgomery explains.

In keeping with HTI’s “multi, multi, multi” philosophy, NOVA also provides additional “multiple” features such as multiple currencies, multiple properties, multiple languages, multiple invoices per guest, multiple deposit policies and multiple rate options. Another handy “multiple” is its ability to accommodate an unlimited number of users.

Standard features include a simple, uncluttered yet comprehensive booking form, booking by room or type, web bookings and confirmation emailing, ‘drag and drop’ booking capability, quick ‘end of the day’ summarizing, employee security controls, same-screen individual and group bookings at multiple properties, room rack application, customisable reports at the click of a button (in PDF or other format as required), and a configurable dash board.

NOVA, which can be custom-configured to suit individual requirements, has the added benefit of being super-simple to operate. “Anyone can create a system within 10 minutes, with the help of the Set-Up Wizard and the easy-to-use online training modules,” says Montgomery. “And because it can run off any browser or platform, anyone who can load Google can run NOVA.”

From a cost-saving aspect, NOVA occupies a unique place in today’s market, he continues. “A growing number of companies are converting to cloud-based systems. These allow users to buy the use of software rather than being locked into the traditional software license model, which is not only more expensive in the long run but can also involve costly capital outlays in terms of hardware.”

“With NOVA being cloud- (Internet) based, the need for servers, licensed software programmes, installations and on-site labour is obviated, which has significant, long-term money-saving implications.”

Other advantages to this unique system are that upgrades are done online and load balancing is assured to ensure ultra-reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Montgomery concludes: “As a result of NOVA’s arrival on the market, guest establishment owners can enjoy dramatically improved efficiency in an industry where service is a prerequisite of success.”

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