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eRes BookNow is your very own internet booking engine – ideal for both individual properties as well as hotel chains (multi-property booking engine). The new age traveller wants to find information quickly and easily and to transact immediately based on this available information.

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A public facing booking engine – with an optional payment option – is fast becoming an imperative component of your business. This is generally the cheapest channel to market. So you need to offer your guests a seamless and easy to use option via your brand website. This is always available to all potential guests – your 24/7 global marketplace – via our 4-step interactive booking experience.

BookNow – Desktop, Mobile and Widget

eRes BookNow is an easy to use 4-step booking process, including the ability to book services, such as airport transfers, game drives, a daily newspaper, or even theatre tickets…

BookNow Widget

eRes BookNow offers you the ability to quickly and easily sell your rooms on-line, displaying rich content, short and long descriptions as well as integrated optimisation tools.

With a simple and attractive user interface, we try and make this as seamless as possible. Check out HTI’s easy to use proprietary Content Management System (CMS) for quick updating of the theme, content, images and news feeds – integrated with specific social media platforms as well as Google Analytics.

Real-time Rates and Availability

Manage your cheapest sales channel effectively with our professional easy to use 4-step public facing booking engine. Real-time rates and availability via eRes makes yielding a breeze.

Enable your guests the opportunity to book – 24/7. We offer a comprehensive and unique, off-the-shelf solution that incorporates all industry standard features that the guest requires to simply complete the reservation process. eRes also helps to optimise your revenue management strategy using automated business rules to closeout rates to various channels. Your booking engine should be the last channel that you closeout as this is your cheapest channel and can easily display last room availability.

Agent and Corporate Login

eRes BookNow also provides you with an Agent and Corporate login option, that will present them with their contracted rates based on your business rules – valid rate periods, properties and restrictions.

Offer your key accounts a secure and reliable way to make bookings via your website. If they are ‘on account’ then they will need to settle immediately, but once again this is based on your business rules and commercial agreement you have with each agent. It is all easily managed in eRes making your reservation platform truly accessible 24/7 to all markets.

Content Management System (CMS)

Now you can manage your own content using our proprietary Content Management System (CMS). This includes unlimited high quality images of your hotel or chain (image carousel). Describe each property (if applicable) and room category. Add specific room category images as well for a comprehensive overall view of each property and room category.

Add unlimited ‘News Items’ that automatically feed to Facebook and Twitter. Post simple news items on the first page of your booking engine and these can display specials, adverts, news and other relevant information that will entice visitors to the site and close more direct bookings via the website.

Fully Customizable

Using your already established branding and Corporate Identity (CI) you can fully customize your booking engine (eRes BookNow) to suit your corporate website. Have a look at these simple options below. We enable you to take control of your own destiny, or we can do this for you…

Ask us how today, and make your booking engine your own, quickly and easily. After all, we are merely facilitating an imperative business process and this should reflect your corporate identity and brand accurately.