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HTI Support Centre

HTI has an array of highly trained and qualified application and technical support consultants.

With 7 software products that are always being enhanced, HTI has to be adaptable in terms of support and service.

Download Teamviewer 8 for HTI Online Support here!      HTI Support Team

We are constantly trying to improve our service levels and procedures with innovative and efficient ways of handling customer support calls. In light of this we are now trying to encourage on-line support logging to streamline the investigation and internal logging exercise. Try it now!

Our consultants are here to handle application issues with speed and accuracy during office hours, and in the case of after hour emergencies we do provide free 24/7 telephonic support.

For general support enquiries, please send a clear and concise email outlining your requirements to and we will respond as soon as we have a consultant available or we have investigated your call thoroughly.

HTI Support Team

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HTI Wiki (Information Centre) – For Customers and Developers

HTI Customers – Please sign up here and send us a mail acknowledging your registration for us to activate the appropriate rights to product manuals, release notes, enhancements etc.

Calling all Developers – Are you a developer looking for integration specifications for HTI’s products. You have found the right place – click here!

After Hours Support

• The after hours support number is meant for emergency issues only. If you are planning to install new hardware or make changes to your network after business hours and wish to have a Consultant standing by for assistance, this must be scheduled in advance.

• If you have a legitimate issue and the after-hours support number goes directly to voice mail, please leave a message. Chances are the Consultant is on with another user and they will phone you back when they are next available.

• We strive to provide the best support possible, with a procedure for escalation running in the background, so please help us by following the above guidelines.

If you feel you are not receiving a satisfactory response to your call, please contact our Support Manager (Andile Thomson) directly.

*Please also note, relating to both normal support times and after hours:
• We have also stressed that we will not accept calls from untrained staff members that relate to basic training issues.

Please be reminded that support calls may only be logged by certified ‘HTI’ users.
• Any untrained staff members will be instructed to contact the on duty manager to assist or the call will be billable at HTI’s hourly on-site support rate.